Event Hero's Professionals Social Networking
Event Hero's Professionals Social Networking
We’re All Working Together That’s Our Secret.

Upgrade Your Connection

We want to help you thrive and flourish. EHPSN is a place for people to meet, network, share ideas and help one another with referral business, team up for events and projects, business group travel and to educate and learn from one another.

Unlimited Networker

The Unlimited Networker a yealy membership that is open to all attendees looking to improve their communication skills, and aspiring towards expanding their business network adding on . This also gives attendees  to be the fisrt to know any RSVP tickets social networking event of their choice which will be limited tickets. Unlimited Networker are to receive special networking privileges such as: First to know about early bird tickets before anyone else.They will also receive special networking privileges such as: early access to all tickets and 10% discounts for industry promoter/educational to become a vendor at the EHPSN. 

Group Tickets

If  you need to purchase additional tickets or interested in purchasing additional tickets for networking events ahead? Fill out our form so that we can get each attendeesinformation.( How it works?) The person who is purchasing the Group Tickets adds each person and that person will receive free ticket on the next event . ( This doesn't apply to the RSVP events.)

Individual Tickets

You are planning to attended by yourself? Great we can't wait to meet you too. Networking has always been an important part of the business world- build more confidence then ever because making connections has always been an important part of life. People naturally work better within their own interest networks when they are looking to meet new friends or find new services. Why? Because when someone is within the network, a certain level of trust is inherent in your relationship.

​You can choose as many networking events you want to attend

Events by Location

If you’re not able to attend an event soon, feel free to join 

our online groups.


RSVP Networker Tickets

Speed Networking

Speed networking is a great when host for short networking events. It works like speed dating. We Sit everyone down at a table and give them 5-10 minutes to connect. Then, ring a bell so that everyone can more on to the next person. This helps everyone get around the room in a networking of time.

Meeting Networking 

A meeting is a great way to network. Our meeting networking will be held with people who attend EHPSN you know and used as a way to get to know people you to discuss about a topic or involve for a colloaborative event to focus on project work and teambuilding for our indurstry, things we would like to see or do etc.. Meetings are necessary when trying to work together and are excellent tools when used appropriately. What is a better way to do it with people within our indurtry. 

Meal Tables Networking

Meal Tables Networking are great to attend toobut doesn’t get swept away in the current of the event the normal networking. Who does'nt like a good conversation over good meal?

Explore Networker 

We want to offer unique group experiences to Explore Networker meet up and take a trip together to our indurstry Conference, Retreat & Workshops and more close to home or far away.. Bring your team too. Explore Networker groups of like-minded remote workers - think co-working or personal and professional development all at the same time. If you wish, we mapout the trip agenda for you and book everything on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about anything, and get the best deal. We can also help with arranging transport for you arrival.

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